Here are some of the reasons why parents and teachers love Studyladder.

“This site is amazing! The children in my school are really enjoying going on it for their mathematics homework. It has made planning homework for my maths group much easier and they choose to go on it at home which is great.”

Ellie Greenwood, Bowthorpe, Teacher

“Hi Study Ladder Team, I would like to congratulate you on an excellent program. It was only this year that I discovered your site as I have just returned to the classroom following a 3 year secondment as one of a team of 15 Regional Managers of Science in Qld. My Year 3 students are enjoying completing the tasks during school time as well as for homework. The point system is certainly a positive incentive along with the ability to contact them with a personalised message. I find being able to see their progress extremely helpful in knowing their needs. Thank-you for making this resource free. In this day and age, with so many parents struggling to keep their heads above water with regards to finances, having this as a free resource helps enormously. Keep up the great work.”

Susan Kennedy Smith, Marshall Road State School, Teacher

“FABULOUS! Awesome site . My students love this site. . .thank you. Feel free to use my comments. I truly cannot thank you and your team enough for putting together such an incredible resource for students across the world. ”

Kim Huddleston, Teacher

“I have a paid account for my boys in primary school. I work in the tertiary education sector and have used a wide variety of resources. I consider Study Ladder to be comprehensive, relevant and very affordable. The program was particularly helpful for my grade six son in improving his comprehension skills. The program seems to "grab" the attention of children with its interactive components and rewards - making it even better. They are happy to log on!”

Helen (Mother who works in tertiary education), Paid Parent

“On behalf of my family we would like to thank you for all your help. It has been a very successful year for my daughter, learning from your great educational programme "Study Ladder". She is in a composite class and received an Academic Achievement award last week. My wife and I both agree, that your Studyladder programme, greatly contributed to a large percentage of that award and in all areas of her schooling as she has reached new heights in every subject.”

Nick Vouzakis, Parent

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“Thank you for a wonderful product. My daughter has had a huge boost from using Study-ladder.”

Georgia B, Parent

“I love using Studyladder in my class. The students love working hard to get rewards. I love it because it is marked and very easy to monitor student progress. A fantastic online resource”

Tim L , Teacher

“ Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are a homeschooling family with special needs. It is the only program that is really helping my children.”

Naomi O, Homeschool

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