Top quality, online education.

Studyladder has been helping students succeed since 2009. We are used by homeschooling families all around the world. We cover your child from the first year of school to the end of primary/elementary school.

Individual needs of your child.

We understand that no two children are alike. Our complete learning programs and teaching resources give homeschooling parents the power to choose the path that suits the individual needs of their children.

Powerful reporting tools and resources.

Activities are mapped to the curriculum to make the life of a Homeschooling parent so much easier. We provide you with a range of teaching resources and reporting tools to put you in control of your child’s education.

Key benefits

  • Curriculum aligned material
  • Multiple subject areas
  • Can be used on all devices
  • Can be tailored to suit individual needs
  • Huge range of support materials
  • Tracks student progress
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Highly motivating for student success

How does a Studyladder homeschooling account work?

Learning with Studyladder is as easy as 123!

  1. Create a parent account and register your child to give them access.
  2. Follow Studyladder’s curriculum or create individual learning programs using our set task feature.
  3. Access detailed reports to monitor progress

Studyladder helps build a love of learning that keeps them coming back for more!

Key Features

Studyladder helps children achieve better educational outcomes, all while having fun.

  1. Parent portal to manage your child’s learning
  2. Learning programs for all abilities
  3. Detailed progress reports
  4. Engaging activities
  5. Motivating student rewards program
  6. Range of teaching resources

Studyladder helps build a love of learning that keeps them coming back for more!