Guided Writing Materials

Parents can assist their child’s learning with Studyladder.

Parent involvement is highly beneficial for a child’s education. Parents who wish to help their child become better writers can greatly assist their understanding by accessing our 'Guided Writing' Materials.

Home Plus members have access to specific teaching materials that are used by teachers.

This allows you to become familiar with the terms that are used in schools.

Give your child one on one attention and help them gain a good understanding of a topic before they start to write!

Our Guided Writing Tasks give you the tools you need to help your child become a better writer.

Practice, practice, practice!

Students become better writers by writing every day. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to write about. Home Plus members have unlimited access to ready-made writing lessons on a variety of topics.

Lessons are organised according to text type and are suitable for multiple grades. Choose a topic that corresponds with the interests your child and you can’t go wrong!

We encourage you to sit with your child and explore our ‘Writing Lesson Starters’.

Teachers know that good writing develops as a result of healthy discussion.

We provide you with discussion questions that prompt greater understanding of background knowledge and help lay a good foundation for clear, well researched writing.

Reinforce what they learn in school at home.

If your child’s teacher is already using Studyladder’s Guided Writing materials in class, you can reinforce their learning at home.

Revise content covered in class and choose from the ideas presented for additional practice at home.